Saturday, July 9, 2011

Four Classes Detailed in Battlefield 3

Electronic Arts' latest blog for Battlefield 3 show off the changes that have been made to the Multiplayer weapons classes.

EA has put in a good amount of effort showing off the single player portion of Battlefield 3. And now they are slowly releasing details on what multiplayer has to bring to the table.

Senior multiplayer designer Alan Kertz sat down to share some new information about the multiplayer mode’s class system in the latest BattleBlog post. There are four classes in this game: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. While they are all pretty familiar generics to anyone with even a light amount of online shooter experience, Battlefield 3 takes on each and highlights a few key differences.

The Assault class, for example, is built for front line combat, same always. Only now, the medic class is gone, and you must instead rely on the newly added range of healing abilities to this combat-oriented class. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it, at least from the standpoint of keeping the game moving. Medics are not built for combat on the front lines, but that’s where Assault players shine. Adding the ability to use a medic pack or deploy defibrillators will help keep the pace at a constant movement.

Engineers fill sort of a dual role as well, if not an expected one. These are your vehicle-friendly soldiers. They trade in repair kits for the good guys and high explosives for the bad guys, using their more damaging weapons to take out armored vehicles and even entire buildings. Basicly combining the best of both worlds.

Every squad should have at least one Support class soldier running around. This class specializes in heavier weapons like light machine guns. Support soldiers will be able to put an LMG’s bipod to use, setting up in a static position and using the weapon attachment to create a more stable platform to fire from. Add it together with your average LMG’s superior ammo capacity and you’ve got a powerful tool for laying down suppressive fire. From the looks of it this will be their only role.

Finally there’s the Recon class, better known to many as the snipers. Only now the Recon is much less of a lone wolf, thanks to some newly created gadgets that play to it's class’s strength. Overall the recon will still have much the same role that Bad Company had.

The post doesn’t go into great detail, but the class will have access to “several completely new teamplay oriented gadgets.” Also to be detailed later is class customization; there will be presets, but those will be supplemented as players progress by a variety of choices. The variation of attachments is also said to be great between the classes.

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